25 February 2017

Good head?

I'd wanted a mesh head for a long time, but had never managed to find one I liked. Pretty though the first-generation mesh heads were, none of them looked like 'me', and there was little you could do to change the appearance. 

With the advent of Bento, and the ability to use the system sliders to shape the face, my interest was renewed, and I became a little obsessive, trying as many as I could.

Out of the box, most of them looked horrendous on my normal shape, but I loved playing with them, testing out skins and make-up, and trying to create 'Anna's face but better'. 

I eventually settled on the Catwa Kimberly head, with the Daria skin from The Skinnery. I'm still getting used to it, making minor tweaks and improvements, but overall I love it. 

Old Anna:

New Anna:

They're not identical, but I'm happy that I have captured Anna's 'look', and Antony is very much enjoying my new-found ability to look extra stern.  ;)

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