17 March 2017

Cellmate Clusterfuck

It was a simple enough instruction, "Right, that's it... you two, separate cells NOW, and a blog post each on the dangers of daring each other to do silly things".

Even WE could manage that, right?

Damn it!!

My darling brat and all-round SL wizard creates some brilliant devices, not least of which is the Z&A SubHUD. It has many features for controlling your significant other, including a handy 'send home' button, for when you need to put them in their cell quickly.

Given the tone of Miss Eve's instruction, I helpfully sent Antony home immediately, intending to follow straight away. However, before I could do so, he used his RLV prowess to TP me RIGHT INTO HIS CELL. 

If only his cells were a little less secure, we might have managed to open the door so that I could escape to my own cell. After many attempts though, we conceded defeat, and Miss Eve had to come and unlock it herself. 

She was ever so pleased, as you might imagine!!

And now here I am, safely in my own cell, away from the bad influence of my beloved boy, writing the second of tonight's blog posts about our little escapade. 

Being locked up is awful. AWFUL, I tell you.  


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