6 March 2017

Marquee de Sade

Occasionally, Antony (Fairport, my lovely partner, wonderfully bratty submissive and occasionally, the man I call "Sir") asks me to participate in a photoshoot for a new Z&A product he is releasing.

This is always a great deal of fun, as I get to dress up in something stern and bossy-looking, and generally push him about a bit.

Today though, he wanted me to appear in a cell, dressed as a slave!!

I agreed, but to correct the balance of power, I insisted he then participate in a different photoshoot, using the same cell, but this time directed by me.

I have long been fascinated by the circus. I love the juxtapositions...faded, old-time glamour against cold, mechanical structures...the freedom of flying through the air on a trapeze against the restrictiveness of the harness...effortless elegance against sinew-y muscle that reveals hour upon hour of hard work and practice.

Beauty and pain. Excitement and danger.

So faced with a secure metal cage, I knew immediately I should be an Antony-tamer! Here is my take on a backstage rehearsal for our death-defying act:

The cell is available on the Marketplace and inworld, and you can find further details on the Z&A blog.

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