1 June 2019

New release - a thing I forgot about!

About 8 months ago, I participated in the Nevermore Hunt, and made a version of my Eve Gown with a slightly more gothic twist.

The ~Alternating Current All Hallows Eve gown went down very well with the hunters, and I intended to release it in store once the hunt had ended.

Let's just say it's early, for next Halloween.  :D

It's available instore and on MP now. I hope you like it!

Anna x

19 May 2019

Free thing!!

Recently, I needed a little shoe rack for my entrance hall. I didn't want anything too big or elaborate, but I also didn't want it to collapse at too short a distance, because the hall is quite wide. I couldn't find anything exactly right so I had a go at making one myself:

I've made it available on MarketPlace and in my inworld shop for free, in case it is useful to anyone else:

Now I've made this, I might try making some more household/decor bits and pieces...watch this space.  :D

4 May 2019

Bollocks to Brexit

You might have heard about a little thing called Brexit, that's causing us all kinds of stress in the UK.

For the record, I'm very much pro-EU. I'd be delighted if our politicians could stop arguing over how best to leave, and just agree to stay.

So this is my new addition to the ~AC range (hah...is two things really a range?) of protest clothing: the Love EU t-shirt.

It comes in a range of male and female sizes, and there are two designs in each pack - a simple EU flag design and a slightly more forthright 'Bollocks to Brexit' slogan design.

Both the male and the female version cost L$120, and are available now on on Marketplace and inworld.

Anna x

14 April 2018


My name is Anna, and I am addicted to gachas.

I love playing, collecting, trading and selling them. And now I have an inworld store, I couldn't resist making my own.

Meet ~Alternating Current's newest addition:

I hope you like it and it makes you laugh. Or smirk in a mildly-amused way. Or roll your eyes and shake your head.

Anna x

20 December 2017

Unicorns and tuxedos

In today's instalment of "OMG Anna remembers she has a blog"...

Two new releases!

Festive silliness!

Antony Fairport looking embarrassed!

The first new release is the ~AC Unicorn outfit, consisting of a dress with a harness, and a matching unicorn horn: 

It comes in Maitreya, Slink (x2), Belleza (x3) and standard L, M, S, XS, XXS sizes, and is available on the Marketplace and inworld at the ~Alternating Current store for L$150.

The second release is the ~AC Tuxedokini (which is totally a word, by the way...) for male mesh bodies (Slink, Signature Gianni and TMP). 

The bow tie has a colour-change HUD, so you can express your individuality or co-ordinate with your date's outfit, and is also available on the Marketplace and inworld at the ~Alternating Current store for L$150.

Thanks to Antony Fairport for being my model for the Tuxedokini. He loves wearing it...  ;)

Finally, a product that isn't new, but only becomes relevant once a year, so now is my chance to plug it.

The ~AC Latex Tree is a fetish-style Christmas decor item that rotates. Two directions, five speeds, OH YES!! 

It truly encapsulates the spirit of the season (if the spirit is vodka):

The Marketplace link is here, or you can drop by the inworld store, where you can see it in action! 


5 October 2017

The Femdom Hunt VII

~Alternating Current is delighted to be participating in the 7th round of The Femdom Hunt, organised and run by my lovely other half Antony Fairport, of Z&A fame.

It's a grid-wide event, taking in 59 of the best femdom-themed and femdom-friendly shops and locations in Second Life. Each has made at least one gift, many of which are brand new full products, and all of which are completely free.

The hunt object is a sparkly red shoe, with a hint to its location available from the hunt board close to each landing point. The organisers don't know the precise hiding places of the shoes, but the Femdom Hunt group chat is a hilarious and helpful source of assistance and/or terrible puns, should you find yourself stuck!

So what will ~Alternating Current's gift be?

I can't say, but I promise it will be FAB.  ;)

See you on the hunt!

18 September 2017

Killer Kitten and Killer Smile

New in store and on the Marketplace today are the Killer Kitten and Killer Smile cosplay outfits:

Killer Kitten is a sexy, skintight catsuit, complete with eye mask and Bento-animated tail: 

Killer Smile is a cheery, colourful number, perfect for disguising the evil genius beneath: 

Inworld store:

Demos are available, and the outfits cost L$150 each. 

You'd be...er...batty to miss them?  :)