18 September 2017

Killer Kitten and Killer Smile

New in store and on the Marketplace today are the Killer Kitten and Killer Smile cosplay outfits:

Killer Kitten is a sexy, skintight catsuit, complete with eye mask and Bento-animated tail: 

Killer Smile is a cheery, colourful number, perfect for disguising the evil genius beneath: 

Inworld store:

Demos are available, and the outfits cost L$150 each. 

You'd be...er...batty to miss them?  :)

4 September 2017

Let's rock!

The ~Alternating Current inworld store finally opened its doors on Saturday, and of course, that can only mean one thing: PARTY!

There may also have been wine...and an unfortunate incident with a shopping trolley...

Thanks to everyone who came along, to Eve Terr for a fabulously appropriate DJ set, and to my new landlord, the lovely Antony Fairport, who gets to put up with me in both lives.  

~Alternating Current Marketplace store: 

~Alternating Current in-world store: