30 March 2017

Paaarty tiiime, excelleeeent...

Every other Saturday, Raven Park has a theme party, where a group of like-minded reprobates and an assortment of beautiful oddballs get to hang out, dance, chat and show off our costume-making skills.

For the last year, I have been lucky enough to build sets for these parties, and it is one of my favourite things to do in SL.

It started with a Labyrinth-esque ballroom inside a huge crystal ball, in honour of David Bowie, who had died a couple of weeks earlier:

More recently, there have been sets for Buffy, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and themes such as broken dolls, bad fairies, protest rallies, steampunk and pandas. Yes, pandas. It's a good theme SHUT UP! 

Costumes are optional, the conversation is silly and the puns are truly dreadful. :D

Do come along and join the fun!

Photo credits: Antony Fairport