30 March 2017

Paaarty tiiime, excelleeeent...

Every other Saturday, Raven Park has a theme party, where a group of like-minded reprobates and an assortment of beautiful oddballs get to hang out, dance, chat and show off our costume-making skills.

For the last year, I have been lucky enough to build sets for these parties, and it is one of my favourite things to do in SL.

It started with a Labyrinth-esque ballroom inside a huge crystal ball, in honour of David Bowie, who had died a couple of weeks earlier:

More recently, there have been sets for Buffy, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and themes such as broken dolls, bad fairies, protest rallies, steampunk and pandas. Yes, pandas. It's a good theme SHUT UP! 

Costumes are optional, the conversation is silly and the puns are truly dreadful. :D

Do come along and join the fun!

Photo credits: Antony Fairport

17 March 2017

Cellmate Clusterfuck

It was a simple enough instruction, "Right, that's it... you two, separate cells NOW, and a blog post each on the dangers of daring each other to do silly things".

Even WE could manage that, right?

Damn it!!

My darling brat and all-round SL wizard creates some brilliant devices, not least of which is the Z&A SubHUD. It has many features for controlling your significant other, including a handy 'send home' button, for when you need to put them in their cell quickly.

Given the tone of Miss Eve's instruction, I helpfully sent Antony home immediately, intending to follow straight away. However, before I could do so, he used his RLV prowess to TP me RIGHT INTO HIS CELL. 

If only his cells were a little less secure, we might have managed to open the door so that I could escape to my own cell. After many attempts though, we conceded defeat, and Miss Eve had to come and unlock it herself. 

She was ever so pleased, as you might imagine!!

And now here I am, safely in my own cell, away from the bad influence of my beloved boy, writing the second of tonight's blog posts about our little escapade. 

Being locked up is awful. AWFUL, I tell you.  


I'd be lion if I said this situation wasn't a bit shit...

There's a saying in Yorkshire: "Don't shit on your own doorstep", and as advice goes, it is pretty sound.

The thing is, it doesn't say anything about rezzing mesh poo on your dear friend and Uber-Domme Miss Eve Terr's new dance set. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it. The excuse, not the poo, that is.

I'd like to say Antony dared me. He didn't, but I'd really like to say it anyway, because blaming him is fun, and then usually I get to punish him.


This evening, it backfired somewhat.

And that is how we ended up locked in separate cells (actually, the 'how' is another story, which will be the subject of a separate post). All because of one little poop.

I'd have gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for that pesky brat, who decided the evidence should be included in the album of photos he sent TO MISS EVE. 

So here we are, locked in our cells writing, as instructed, blog posts about the dangers of egging each other on. 

Will we learn from this?


6 March 2017

Marquee de Sade

Occasionally, Antony (Fairport, my lovely partner, wonderfully bratty submissive and occasionally, the man I call "Sir") asks me to participate in a photoshoot for a new Z&A product he is releasing.

This is always a great deal of fun, as I get to dress up in something stern and bossy-looking, and generally push him about a bit.

Today though, he wanted me to appear in a cell, dressed as a slave!!

I agreed, but to correct the balance of power, I insisted he then participate in a different photoshoot, using the same cell, but this time directed by me.

I have long been fascinated by the circus. I love the juxtapositions...faded, old-time glamour against cold, mechanical structures...the freedom of flying through the air on a trapeze against the restrictiveness of the harness...effortless elegance against sinew-y muscle that reveals hour upon hour of hard work and practice.

Beauty and pain. Excitement and danger.

So faced with a secure metal cage, I knew immediately I should be an Antony-tamer! Here is my take on a backstage rehearsal for our death-defying act:

The cell is available on the Marketplace and inworld, and you can find further details on the Z&A blog.